Thursday, August 11, 2011

Allergy Scare

This morning when Judah woke up he seemed a little out of it, I figured he was still tired but wanted something to eat before he fell back to sleep. He didn't want to eat anything so I got him up to change and dress him. While I was changing him I noticed these red splotches all over his body, there were maybe 10 of them. So I got him dressed and called up Kaiser, by the time I had the nurse on call on the phone Judah had more of the splotches. I took him in and when the nurse on call saw him he had even more on the back of his head/neck and legs. He didn't have a fever and is still having some diaper blow outs. When the nurse looked him over she said its probably bug bites and he probably got them while sleeping. I asked how since he sleeps right next to my husband and I and we didn't get any. She said it could be a side affect from his stomach bug or it could be an allergy because he had mango for the first time yesterday. She wasn't much help. So I was sent home with a note to get some benadryl and some cortazone for his red spots that were rapidly increasing. Went to Target picked up the items, my husband actually met me in the parking lot and followed us home. Scott had picked up breakfast for me knowing that I wouldn't have eaten and helped me get Judah the benadryl, looked him over and put cortazone on his spots and went back to work.

After we gave Judah the benadryl, he was playing with his toys for a bit, then made these super cute exhausted sighs. I just held him and fed him till he fell asleep. Slept for about 4 hours straight.

I had him sleep on my lap because I wanted to make sure his breathing was okay. I was still worried with the red spots all over him and not super confident that the Nurse was correct in thinking they were bug bites, and I was a little concerned about giving him some benadryl. I know how that stuff affects me, knocks me out. While Judah was sleeping on me I was able to finish crocheting two more baby moccasins with turqoiuse flowers (these will go up in my shop soon).

Judah woke up when Scott came home from work, he had fun playing with my empty coffee cup. Wants to be just like mommy and his red spots are now just pink.

hopefully they will be completely gone by tomorrow morning. Before we put him to bed tonight I gave him a bath with some baby oatmeal treatment in it. Just to sooth his skin. His diapers have gotten allot better, instead of being liquid poop they have solidified more (this is good news).  Sometimes I wonder how parents handled their littles being sick. The past week and ha half I've had to figure out how to get poop out of a carpet, all my shirts have had puke or spit up on them, I was lucky if I was able to shower while Scott was at work, Judahs tooshie has been red from all his liquid blow outs, and being worried from the mysterious red marks (that I think is an allergic reaction to mangos). Its exhausting! and I only have one. But, Judah makes it all worth it, all the diaper changes, being puked on and driving him all over to Drs appts or to Target. He is such a sweet little boy, I just hope he finally starts feeling better.

I think we will test out the mango in about a month or two to see if he is really allergic, or who knows maybe he was bit by a mysterious bug that doesn't bite big people....only cute babies.


  1. I hope and pray that Judah gets all better soon!!

  2. what is the link to your shop???:)


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