Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8 Months!

Today Judah turns 8 months! He weighs almost 20 pounds, not sure about his height yet since we find that out at his next drs appt. Judah is typically a really happy boy, the past few days he hasn't been feeling well, but he manages to cry with a smile on his face. He can say "dada" and he is starting to make the MMM sound. He makes the ba ba ba sound.He is crawling! Trying to walk, if we hold his hands then he will zoom across the room. Getting into everything! He can find the littlest thing in the carpet to eat, thats why I am constantly cleaning. He loves his bouncy chairs and is starting to get used to his walker. He is eating stage 2 food, he likes the turkey/rice combo allot and he loves all things veggies and loves all fruits but bananas. He will only eat the banana if I give it to him whole, then he likes to take the peel and whip it around his head and get banana everywhere. He loves his puffs, I now just put some on his high chair and he can pick them up to eat them, loves Mum Mums as well. Anything he can bite his teeth into. He loves pickles, I like to cut up either pickles or fruit and put them into this mesh ring thing for him to eat. So he doesn't choke. We are still trying to get him on a sleep schedule. He goes to bed pretty late and doesn't like to sleep in his crib. Since we traveled so much we had him used to co-sleeping. Scott doesn't mind it but I am feeling the lack of sleep. I feel like my brain is always "on" when Judah sleeps next to me. He loves all things music, playing with his piano, drums or even daddys guitar. Next month we are going to do Mainly Music at the church where Judah can be around some other babies his age and enjoy music, also a mothering matters small group.

here is a look at the past 8 months.....

Judah....stay little a bit longer.....

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  1. What a great idea and what a DARLING boy you have. Nice shots!


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