Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for entering the "My Charming Colors" giveaway and who went to the page and "liked" it. The giveaway winner for the Starbucks gift card is "David Wardrick". I'll be doing future giveaways for my shop so if you haven't already make sure you go to the Facebook page and like the group.

We sold out of all the baby Mary Jane and Moccasins I put up last week, I put up more today and will be putting some up through out the week. Make sure you stop by the Etsy shop and check the items out.

Hurricane Irene came on Saturday, before the weather changed we stopped by Starbucks to pick up the gift card and get a drink

While we were there we got a phone call from Judahs grandparents wanting to meet up for a quick bite at Dunkin Donuts, a pre hurricane meal. So we stopped by and I bumped into my friend Sabrina again!

Bored and at home with a baby, we decided to make the most of it and dress Judah up as the weatherman, plus we found him more entertaining then the weather men trying to evoke an emotion out of their audience by doing something stupid, like showing us how crazy the hurricane is by walking towards the ocean.

We got a bit of rain, lots of wind, the electricity went out for about an hour, but we made sure we filled up the tub and had our candles and flashlights out. Scott took this opportunity to eat all the ice-cream in our freezer saying it would probably all go bad. But an hour later the electricity came back on.

Scott was helping Judah stand up. He was leaning against the door or the wall and would try to take a few steps forward. He is ready to move. Then we had some more hurricane updates from "Judahs Journalism". Nothing much to update but since we have huge trees that surround our home we decided to camp out in the front living room. Scott brought up one of the queen sized mattresses we have in one of the guest rooms and set up the pack and play. Judah thought this was awesome, at first he was kinda scared but once he saw me make the bed downstairs he had a big smile on his face. He didn't want to sleep at all but kept looking at both Scott and I and saying "da da da da da phhh phhh da da". I did feel horrible at one point, I couldn't sleep so I was watching the news and crocheting, Judah was sleeping next to Scott on the bed, then all of a sudden I looked up to see Judah slid right off the bed. He is okay, more scared than anything, cried for a few seconds and went right back to sleep. 

I didn't sleep till well past 3 am. I kept thinking that the front tree was going to crash into the living room. I was just worried about Judah. I finally fell asleep only to be woken by my little guy putting his hands all over my face and saying "da da da da" at 8 am. Looked around outside and we didn't really see any "real" damage done. A neighbor was cutting up an old tree that fell, but it didn't land on anything. 

Judah enjoyed trying to eat the leaves. We walked two miles to Robinson Highschool and back to see if anything happened, but it looked like we were clear of any major damage. 

In other news, My Charming Colors has a few more Mary Janes and Moccasins in shop. Some already sold but I have a few more left. Will be updating the shop with more items later this week. I have two custom orders to complete first. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

We are waiting for it....and Judah is keeping us up to date on the weather in the DC area

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fashion Friday

Today Judah is featured on a sweet mama friend of mines blog today for Fashion Friday.

feel free to check it out at

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Charming Colors

My Charming Colors is now up on Etsy and facebook. Items will be listed for sale in the Etsy shop on Sunday August 21st. To celebrate the opening of the shop I wanted to do a small giveaway. I will be adding more give aways in the future.

The first giveaway is a $10 Starbucks Card, I mean who doesn’t like coffee and if you don’t like coffee then you can give away your give away prize as a present to someone who loves coffee. Like my son, he thinks starbucks is a great teether toy.

To enter the contest please go to my facebook page (Do a search on My Charming Colors or click here) and you should see the page that looks like this.

Click “like” and get at least three of your friends to like the page as well and have them tell me who referred them. I will then enter your names in the giveaway drawing. The giveaway will close by end of business day Friday September 2nd and I will announce the winner on Saturday September 3rd.

Please be sure to visit my Etsy store

 I will be listing items for sale starting on Sunday August 21st. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah Jane

Yesterday was Sarah Jane and Judahs Instagram friend Corbins birthday. We wanted to do something special for them both so Judah took a picture wishing Corbin a happy birthday and Sarah Jane was going to come over later in the afternoon to hang out with us.

Judah really wanted to eat Corbins birthday sign.

After our mini photoshoot Judah and I went to Starbucks, which by the way was the best Starbucks I've ever had in my life. Its the double decker one off of main street in Vienna. When I commented on how good the drink was someone said that the barista is the best. I'll be sure to visit that starbucks again, especially since its almost Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Judah and I then headed down the street to the new thrift store. They had some really good household stuff, not that much children's clothing, but I figured its been picked through because its almost back to school for most kids.  I might go back on Tuesday when its 25% off. We need a new stand for our TV because its on this tiny stand and Judah now crawls all over and is drawn to that mini stand. Im afraid the TV will fall on his head.

Here is a picture of some of my finds from yesterday.

I found these cute little salt and pepper shakers. I've been looking for new ones since Scott and I got married, he had some really ugly outdated ones that were entirely to big for his table and I wanted something that would match the new kitchen decor and that were not so bulky. I am in love with this tin star! I've been seeing them around in some of my favorite places (pottery shop and an authentic mexican restaurant in St Petersburg) the best part is that the star opens up so I can stick some Christmas lights in it. Not sure where I am placing it in the house but I couldn't pass this up. Found a adorable wood plaque with a hand painted picture of flowers on it. Some pretty golden shoes for my niece Charlotte and a car toy for Judah that makes noises. All of this under $10. 

I had to go to the Drs real quick for some more testing, came back and was searching Craigslist for a TV Stand/Table while trying to get Judah to nap before Sarah Jane came over. When she did arrive Judah just looked at her and cried because he wanted her to play with him! When she sat on the floor next to him he was all over her, kept trying to touch her belly and crawl over her. I think Sarah Jane is one of Judah's best friends. 

Went to Fairfax Government Center, they have the best local cupcakes with incredible Red Velvet ones. Since it was so muggy outside we ate the cupcakes and had a mini celebration with Chips, guacamole and Root Beer in Chipotle. Judah loved sitting in the highchair and felt like he was part of the mini celebration. Next time I'll have to bring table/highchair wipes, he kept trying to lick everything. 

 I think Judah was overly tired yesterday, he napped for two hours when we came home. When he finally did wake up he kept rubbing his eyes and was a little cranky, after dinner we tried to put him down to sleep but he wanted to be held. He is now loving the Moby! And its so much easier to carry him in it than when he was 2 months. He is snug as a bug in a rug and I am soaking all of this in while it lasts, it won't be long before Judah is to big to carry around.

Finished a pair of moccasin slippers that will be for sale in my shop. 

Judah did fall asleep finally for a few hours in his pack and play. But then he got up and kept talking to his sheets and the toys in his crib. I think he was sleep talking because he looked like he was drunk. Then he would catch a glimpse of me and cry a little. So after about an hour I just wanted to snuggle with him so I let him back into my bed for 20 mins till he fell back to sleep and put him back in his pack and play where he slept the rest of the night. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

past few days

Wow, Judah has turned into a little mover over the past few days!

Tuesday we went for a 4 mile run (I ran while Judah hung out in the jogging stroller) on the W&OD trail. Afterwards we took a mini break by the garden boxes by the trains. Judah loved hanging out in the grass, even tried to eat it.

you can see in the picture below that he has some grass on his face. I kept trying to give him puffs but he would sneak some grass and quickly stick it in his mouth. I guess its a boy thing.

Afterwards we stopped by starbucks for a mini break for mama, then walked over to Micheals to get some more yarn. Im opening up my shop hopefully this weekend, but wanted to get out some personal orders before then. Some of my favorite things, my baby, starbucks and some yarn.
Then we went home where Judah ended up peeing all over his face, this wasn't just a regular pee in the face but a downpour or should I say up pour of pee. He soaked his shirt and got a good bit into his mouth and soaked his head. So I gave him an afternoon bath before his lunch. He actually likes his afternoon baths because he passes out for a good couple of hours after his lunch. I think he sleeps better when he is clean. 

I did let him fall asleep on me on the couch, moved him back to his pack and play after about a half an hour and he slept a good bit. As soon as he woke up he was on the move. I caught him trying to squeeze  his not so little head between the couch and one of our living room chairs. Kinda made me nervous because I kept on thinking he is going to one day get his head stuck int he metal bars we have in our living room. I better have lots of butter or mayo on hand.

After my amazing counseling appointment, we went to get cupcakes and hang out at the Fairfax Govt Center. 

I felt like for the first time in months I slept wonderfully. Judah slept with his but sticking out in the air.

Wednesday was a day full of Dr appts for me. They found something that they think I got when I had my C section, hence why I haven't been feeling to well. My Dr said she would have found it sooner but I have a high pain tolerance. It will be fixed with some medication. I have another Drs appt next week to see if I have an ulcer.

Judah and I hung out local since I had to go back and forth to the Drs. Judah wanted to show me his food. 
we did go on a mini duncan donuts run. Just to sit outside since it was so nice.
 almost finished decorating one of the walls in our living room. All of the items are thrifted.

Finished crocheting some moccasins for a friend who is buying some from me. These are my favorite so far. 

 And Judah is on the move. Scott is showing him how to climb stairs. He just stands and laughs with our main level stairs.
He now tries to escape his bath time ducky. Literally tries to squirm his way out. 

 and Judah now is able to climb the one stair that leads from the main level living room to our kitchen. Not sure how much I like this. I thought I could at least keep him pretty confined in this smaller living room space. But not anymore.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nap time and my sanity

The other day I was having lunch with one of my pregnant friends and we were talking about the "fears" we have being pregnant. Fears that something would happen to our baby. Looking back I had allot of fears for Judah, and I truly didn't give those fears over to the Lord until I was sitting on the operating table waiting for the spinal tap. By then I figured I've worried everything to death, their is no sense worrying now. Then I realized something, I am still fearful over certain things with Judah and sometimes I let that fear control things I do in my life. For example our nap time routine. I always would let Judah fall asleep on me, when I was still BF he would nurse then fall asleep and while we traveled and stayed in hotels I would feed him and let him fall asleep on me. Most times I don't mind. I figured this is my way of just hanging out with my son, I mean how many more months do I have where he would just feel comfortable sleeping on or next to me. But recently I feel like I am the human pillow that is always attached to my son and its driving me a little crazy.

Since we traveled so much this spring/summer Judah now hates his crib. He wont go to sleep in it at all. So he has to sleep with us at night, I truly don't mind the night co-sleeping,  but sometimes its nice to not have a foot stuck in your back while you sleep. But more so it would be really nice to not be a human pillow during the day. I am able to get allot of my crocheting done while Judah naps on or next to me. But it would be nice to get up to go to the bathroom, make lunch or do something update my blog...

So what I've done recently was move the pack and play back into our room. He actually likes the pack and play more than his crib, I think its because he slept in them in the hotels and he likes to scratch his hand on the side of the pack and play because it makes a funny noise.  For the past few days nap times have been great, I put him down and he cries out of exhaustion for maybe 5 mins, but then he gets really quiet, and I want to run upstairs and move his arm to make sure he is breathing okay. He sleeps like his father, really deep with shallow breathing. Its fine but I feel myself getting fearful that something may go wrong.  I will find myself being consumed by my fear and just picking up Judah so he can sleep near me so I know that he is "breathing" okay. So for my mama Sanity I make sure I wait 15 mins before I go and check on him, I trust that he is okay, before I put him down I make sure nothing is in his pack and play that would block his breathing.  I can hear him right downstairs if he makes any sort of cry and I know I can run up there in less than 2 mins. I have to trust that in his silence, he is actually sleeping, he is getting his baby rest so he can grow and be in a better mood when he wakes up. Their is only so much hand holding I can do for my baby, and for my sanity I have to trust he is okay and not go and check on him every 3 mins.