Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 149

Day 149, 6 month check up

I am more than a week behind! Sorry life is getting busy with a very active baby and fun summer stuff.

Day 149 we had Judahs 6 month check up. We went for an early morning run before the Dr's appt. Judah loves the Bob. We had to wait awhile for our Dr (she was running late) Judah didn't mind because he had lots of paper to chew on. He is now in the 75% for height (not in the 95th anymore) and he now is in the 45% for weight (not in the 5% anymore). Is doing great, has two teeth coming in to add to his other two teeth (total of 4!). Is sitting up pretty well and is scooting backwards.

Judah tried squash for the first time and LOVED it.

I did find out I tested positive as a Tay Sachs carrier but since Scott is not a carrier Judah will not have it.

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