Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 144

Day 144, San Diego Zoo, Visit with Butterfields, Dinner at Brenna and Craigs

Today was insane! We geared up for our big day by grabbing starbucks. We love how San Diego is much more laid back than DC. In DC it takes about 5 mins to get our coffee, in San Diego...well maybe triple that time, but you dont mind the wait. Everyone is so laid back and friendly. Then we met Brenna, Craig and CharChar at the San Diego Zoo. Spent 4 hours there! we loved it! Really enjoyed spending time with family and walking through the zoo. In 4 hours we went through maybe a 3rd of the zoo. Yes its that amazing! Then we had to leave to go grab some Frozen Yogurt with the Butterfields. Scott and John played in the Sunday Worship Band at church years ago. We met their son Nathan. Judah liked him quite a bit and was holding his hand. After we drove to Brenna and Craigs and had a yummy dinner and some really fun hang out time. CharChar and Judah shared her play mat and hung out. Scott even sang a beatbox song to both CharChar and Judah.

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