Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 142

Day 142, Happy Half Birthday Judah!!!!

Last Friday the 10th was Judahs half birthday. Why not celebrate with going to the Golden Gate Bridge and having In and Out Burger for dinner. So thats what we did. Judah is doing this thing where he sits up on his own but he kind bends forward a little (we saw the Dr today and she said babies are supposed to do that, its called the jack knife sitting). We took Judah to the Golden Gate Bridge, yes its even more beautiful in real life. It was very windy, lots of people, everyone was in a great mood. We tried to walk across the bridge on the sidewalk. This scared me (I didn't realize how bad I was scared of heights till we visited san fran). But Judah started getting upset about halfway across. So we walked back. I think it was the loud sound of the cars moving across the bridge. Then we went to In and Out Burger for dinner, walked to Ghirardelli. Scott had some chocolate ice-cream (yes he is finally eating normal people food just fine!). We then walked around the piers for a bit, scott grabbed some clam chowder and we walked back to our car and headed back to the hotel. We loved our time in San Francisco and look forward to going back someday.

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