Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 137

Day 137, San Francisco!

Let me say....Flying with infants is not for the faint of heart......

On that note, I spent most of Thursday night packing and repacking, had no idea what to really expect on our flight cross country with an almost 6 month old. Thank goodness I had a talk with my friend Danielle, she has flown back and forth (California to Va several times with her son Eli). Finally went to sleep around 130ish am with a 330 am wake up call to get ready to go to the airport (our flight was leaving at 6 am). Judah woke up at 2 am, since Scott was exhausted I took the feeding, I thought "Wow, Judah downed that bottle FAST". Then I realized nope he didn't down it, I didn't put the top on right. So I had to change Judahs jammies (not fun especially since I washed and packed his most of his jammies). My Pjs were kinda wet but I was to exhausted to really care and just needed some sleep. Finally get to sleep around 230, scotts diabetes alarm goes off at 245 saying he is really low, then Judah starts crying because he heard it. Scott got OJ and Judah finally went back to sleep, I had about 20 mins total of sleep. Got up at 330, we got everything together, Judah was in pretty good spirits, he thought this was a huge game. No traffic en route to the airport, Judah loved the shuttle, loved the people talking to him, the lady on the speaker telling us the next stops. Our airline was not the most child friendly, it was super confusing because it was a first time with an infant. I went through security great with Judah and our stuff. Scott on the other hand was searched because of his insulin pump, it was pretty funny because this never happens to him. Got to our gate and they asked us if we could take the next flight because this one was really full. They gave us $800 worth of free ticket vouchers if we waited for the next flight in an hour. We figured sure why not. Well, not sure if that was a good idea because Judah started getting super fussy while we waited for the next flight. He never screams especially in public and Judah just started screaming, whining, we couldn't get him to sleep or to calm down. Finally I strapped the little guy in the ergo and walked and walked. He calmed down. In line to board I had a guy come up to me to tell me he had tape for Judahs mouth. I think he was meaning for it to be funny so I laughed but it really wasn't funny. Got on the flight and we had middle seats. Judah was pretty fussy and he took a huge dump in his diaper, I asked the flight attendant if I could change him real quick before take off and he said no, so we had to wait about 20 mins with a baby crying and a really stinky diaper, we got looks from many people, during take off I knew his ears were popping so finally he took to the bottle I was trying to give to him and he realized it helped his ears. As soon as we were allowed to get up I ran into the bathroom to change him, it was a really really bad diaper, almost got outside of his cloths. After about an hour of fussing he went to sleep, woke up a few hours later and was happy, then he had another major poop, changed it and the poop got everywhere in the bathroom. Thank God for alcohol wipes. Then we sat down, this one weird lady kept coming up to us and rubbing my back and saying how cute Judah was. She asked us if we wanted she can hold him if we needed a break. I said "thank you for the offer!". I just find that weird. Then Judah had another huge poop. Finally landed, the airport was kinda crazy, we had to find and elevator to go down to the first floor to get the luggage, then go to the 4th floor to take another elevator to take this train to the car rental place. Once you get to the car rental place you take another elevator downstairs to where the cars are located. This is Scott, myself, Judah, a stroller, car seat with the base, two carry ones and two suite cases. By the grace of God we made it! Finally arrived at the hotel, and the Lord really blessed us, we have a beautiful room, that overlooks the bay. The staff is wonderful! They are child friendly, super nice the room is the cleanest room I have ever stayed in, nicer than our honeymoon hotel rooms. Judah loves it and the hotel is walking distance to the bay, a beautiful running trail where you can see the Golden Gate bridge, and a ton of shops. We are so happy to be in my favorite city in the world....San Francisco!

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