Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 136

Day 136, Our Friday

Thursday was our Friday since we were leaving for San Francisco on Friday. Judah wanted to sleep in next to me, then we had to get dressed, eat ect so I can meet Scott up at the Drs so I can get retested for Tay Sachs, I tested positive while I was pregnant. But Scott tested negative so we dont have to worry about Judah getting it. Its a hereditary thing and is common for people of a certain Jewish decent, when I found out when I was pregnant and tested positive, I found out that my grandmother is actually jewish. I have been putting off getting retested. Judah wore his cute AC/DC shirt today. I learned a lesson as a new mom, never ever ever ever feed your child a bunch of prunes if you are planning on taking a 5 hour trip cross country. Judah had a ton of blow outs on Thursday and I was just praying that he wouldn't have any on the flight the next morning. We had to stop by Walmart to get more baby wipes, and Judah had fun pretending to rock it out with the guitar. And.....Judah FINALLY played during bath. We had him in this other bath which made him kinda sit, my friend Heidi gave us this cute duck bath. Through out the day I was showing Judah if I press the ducks nose he makes a "Quack Quack" sound and he would laugh and do this thing where he gets excited and puts his hands in the air and shrieks. So during bathtime we put in a few toys, he started splashing the water with them! So I had Scott hold onto him while I got the rest of his bath toys and put them all in. Judah was really excited and tried grabbing for them. We had to hold him up because he was getting his face really close to the water. Needless to say I am very excited Judah finally plays in the bath. He loves bathtime, he is just so super chill he doesn't do anything but relax while I wash him. But now he plays.

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