Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 135

Day 135, Hottest Day Ever

Yesterday was HOT. So Judah and I hung out inside for most of the day. He is getting so big, I took a picture of him on this chair I've been taking pictures of him on since he was a newborn. He looks like a toddler! Still my little sweet Judah. He played in his saucer while mommy was on the elliptical, took naps, posed in his onsie with the tie that Jamie gave him. This will probably be the last time he wears it. Kinda made me sad. He was trying to rip off his tie to eat it. Before he didn't even notice the tie. He kept flipping over while we were trying to dry him off after bath time, he noticed his reflection in a mirror I had near by. And during his last feeding his Jammie's were entirely to small so Scott unzipped them a bit (we were planning on putting him in larger Jammie's) and Judah was pulling at them like he was the Hulk. ha ha

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