Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 154

Day 154. Fairoaks Mall Playground

Today we met up with Heidi and D at Fairoaks Mall. I took Judah to the playground for the first time. While D ran all over the place, Judah just sat and watched the kids, tried to scoot near them (he at one point had a small gathering of girls ogling over him). Had some fun shots with D (he loves his hair and loves to hold his hand). I made spaghetti for dinner and Judah wanted some of what daddy was eating. Judah is now watching and wanting what we are eating now. The Dr said not to give him food he can chew on till 9 months, but if I am eating a banana I let Judah take a tiny bit. We also let him bit on the puffs (They melt in your mouth).

Day 153

Breakdancing Baby to beat boxing daddy Part 1

Breakdancing Baby to beat boxing daddy Part 2

Day 153, Beatboxing, breakdancing and Uncle Zac

Today Scott had a "man day" with uncle zac, they ordered pizza n wings and watched a man movie on the projector and played music. I hung out with Judah upstairs. Before Zac came over Scott had a beatboxing / breakdancing session with Judah (the videos). Judah also slightly scared me, before I went to bed I decided to check on him one more time to find his arm hanging outside of the crib. I fixed it. But was slightly alarmed.

Day 152

Day 152, Monday

Judah wore his cute Stud Muffin onsie :-) I also let him try to feed himself, all my baby spoons were in the washing machine so I used a measuring spoon. He ended up getting it on himself. But it was fun. Went on another run, and when Scott came home he walked Judah around the house in the Ergo because Judahs teeth were hurting him. He likes to chew on the Ergo straps.

Day 151

Day 151, Happy First Fathers Day!

Today was Scotts first fathers day. I made him homemade breakfast, Judah helped by playing with the skillet box while he was in his bouncy chair. Since it was Fathers day I let Scott give Judah the sippy cup. I didn't want to because that means Judah is growing up a little more. Judah immediately grabbed the cup and put it into his mouth. Still can't figure out how to "sip". I think I might have to get a different cup. We also went on a 4.5 mile run. Daddy joined us and even ran faster than me at some points. Judah had a great time in the Bob. I made Scott a wonderful dinner and since Judahs front teeth were hurting him really bad we put some cut up cantaloupe into this mesh ring he has. It felt good on his teeth. Poor little guy.

Day 150

Day 150, Saturday we did nothing

Saturday we did nothing and it was wonderful. I went shopping for last min fathers day dinner/breakfast food and a run. But other than that we checked out a new trashcan at Home Depot (our HOA took our lid when I went in for an ER C Section last December) we had our trashcan out a day late. So we looked at a new one. Judah loved the laid back day with mommy and daddy. He also loves his oatmeal in the mornings (today he ate three bowls!) and he loves to fall asleep next to us at night.

Day 149

Day 149, 6 month check up

I am more than a week behind! Sorry life is getting busy with a very active baby and fun summer stuff.

Day 149 we had Judahs 6 month check up. We went for an early morning run before the Dr's appt. Judah loves the Bob. We had to wait awhile for our Dr (she was running late) Judah didn't mind because he had lots of paper to chew on. He is now in the 75% for height (not in the 95th anymore) and he now is in the 45% for weight (not in the 5% anymore). Is doing great, has two teeth coming in to add to his other two teeth (total of 4!). Is sitting up pretty well and is scooting backwards.

Judah tried squash for the first time and LOVED it.

I did find out I tested positive as a Tay Sachs carrier but since Scott is not a carrier Judah will not have it.