Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 127

Day 127, Baby Kisses

Judah started this really cute thing yesterday, he would actually grab for my face and pull his face towards mine as to mimick a kiss. I kiss his face all the time. Today I brought him to my bed like I do every morning. He likes to sleep for a few more hours while next to me. He always likes to have either his foot or his arm touching my arm, well this morning he grabbed my arm and pretended to kiss my arm, it was really cute. He didn't want to get up at all this morning, around 11 I decided to get some sunlight in the room and he put his face into the bed like he didn't want to get up, then I guess he realized that he can get some food if he gets up. So he was a happy camper. He looked huge in his rocker chair in his room. I took a better picture of the Gerber baby, typically Judah likes to eat oatmeal in the morning with some puree peaches, but he didn't want any (this is a bit unusual) so I tried prunes (we started this about two days ago and he is on the fence about them). Well he didn't like them this morning, I then tried carrots (his favorite) and he didn't want any, I guess he wasnt that hungry. After our morning walk he ate quite a bit. When Scott came home after we had dinner we wanted to go for a walk, but since it looked like it was about to storm again outside we went to FairOaks mall. They have the cutest Curious George at Pottery Barn Kids. Judah looks just like him, I may end up going back to get the Curious George doll for him with a gift card we have.

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