Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 123

Day 123, spoiled by cuddles

I remember someone telling me once that every time their baby cried, they would flick them in the mouth to stop them from throwing a mini tantrum. I was horrified. A baby before the age of about 9 months doesn't know how to communicate except through crying. So I may spoil my son with cuddles, but its better than him being afraid to cry because he might get flicked on the mouth. And he seems to be a pretty happy baby because of the cuddles and attention I give him.

Finally got a picture of his two teeth! This was totally by chance, I've been trying for a week to get this picture. He just looked up at me with those beautiful eyes then opened his mouth. Judah is getting HUGE, he looks so big in his high chair thing. He learned that he can also get some of his food off of his bib into his mouth, its actually pretty funny. Judah sleeps with his eyes halfway open sometimes, kinda freaks me out, he looks like a zombie. He LOVES his socks from Auntie Alero, they are these really nice moccasin socks that she sent us from Switzerland. Then Judahs cuddle fest with Daddy. He typically just wants me, but for some reason he just wanted Scott to carry him around and cuddle. It was so cute.

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