Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 122

Day 122, I missed my morning

I missed my morning routine with Judah today, Scott had to take over while I went to the Dr's to get x-rays on my wrist/ankle. But I was able to sing to him before I left. I made up a song called "All the single babies" (Yes its to the tune of Beyonces song). We found that Judah loves being outside, even if he is being rained on, today while Scott held him and it started raining Judah got this huge smile on his face and was looking around to see where the drops where coming from. He loves being read to, loves taking naps on my bed next to me while I read, he loves his walks and loves being around our neighbors. Judah also tried Green Beans today which he likes allot and we put the peaches in oatmeal (he ate it all up). We took a picture of Judah near one of Scotts guitars and we played it for him, he liked it allot, we also played some flute thing that Scott got from Williamsburg when I was pregnant. Judah seemed to like all the music. Tonight he wasn't feeling to well because of his teeth, he has been chewing on his saucer toys and decided to try to take a big bite out of one this evening, I think he hurt himself so he needed extra TLC. So I rocked him for two hours, just enjoyed him falling asleep on me and tried to take it all in because I know this wont last forever. He will one day have to grow up.

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