Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 116

Day 116, Thursday/last night at beach

Im so far behind. Thursday was our last night at the beach, Scott didn't have to go into work till later so I was able to run the beach in the morning. When I came back to the hotel Scott and Judah were laying down and Scott was reading to him. Was really cute. Judah LOVES to sleep at our hotel, if he would get cranky I would make sure our sliding glass door was open and he could hear the waves, he would be knocked out for hours! He loves loves his carrots! That boy can eat them up. Kinda worried he is eating to many of them. Went to the mall for dinner, not going to confirm or deny that Judah licked pluto when he was in the Disney pile, looked cute in the gap hat and had a great time walking on the beach that evening. Scott kept Judah in his hoodie bc it was getting kinda windy.

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