Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 110

Day 110, Williamsburg

Saturday morning we walked along the boardwalk and saw some Monster Trucks. Judah was sleeping but we still scored him a sweet sticker. We then drove to Williamsburg, one of my favorite places and spent the entire afternoon there. Judah loved it and was just gabby away, making anyone who walked by us smile. He held the hand of one of the colonial ladies. On the way back we stopped by Babies R Us for some teething supplies. Judah still had about 2 screaming episodes because of his teeth. They lasted about 30 mins each. Poor little guy. They dont carry the teething tablets everyone was talking about, the Babies R Us employee said that they are recalled. I didnt want to get any of the oragel. So we picked a teething ring since Judah doesn't really care for pacis. And so far he doesn't care for the ring. All he wants is to chew on my finger, Scotts fingers/hands are to big.

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  1. my new favorite shirt iPood. As classic as iPug :)


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