Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 107

Day 107, TWO teeth!

My son has TWO teeth coming in. Yesterday while I was feeding him I wanted to touch his tooth to see if it has grown any, then I was like Hmm it feels like two teeth, I opened his mouth and peered in and sure enough TWO teeth! No wonder why the little guy is having such a hard time. Yesterday he played with his reflection in the mirror in his bumbo, at first he was kinda jealous that he saw his mom holding another cute baby, but when I sat him down in front of the mirror he started talking and playing. It was pretty funny. He is drooling up a storm, likes to stick his tongue out (I think it feels good on his gums). He took a nice nap next to me yesterday, we both slept 45 mins! Then last night he was up every 3 hours wanting to eat or be held. This teething business is rough for mama and baby. We are going to run to Target today to see if we can get any teething stuff to help Judah out.

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  1. Yay for teeth! So excited :) the pics in the mirror are precious :) love watching this journey for you friend


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