Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 105

Day 105, A tooth

Yesterday was uncle Marks Birthday so Judah posed for a picture for him. I know Judah and uncle Mark are going to become great "nerd" friends. Uncle Mark is not only cool, but he is a nerd like Scott and LOVES anything starwars...plus he has a pretty rad tattoo sleeve. We actually had breakfast up in our room because we were bombarded with guests and hotel employees wanting to talk to Judah. We ended up walking all up and down the main strip here at the beach. Looked at some of the memorials. Judah took a great long nap, he was actually pretty sweet, just wanted me to sit next to him and shh'sh him for a bit and he fell asleep. When daddy came home we had some great mexican food and when we came back to the hotel we saw that Judah actually had a tooth that broke through. Its this tiny toothy line. The previous thing that we thought was tooth was actually a cyst that went away. So now we know why Judah has been drooling and wanting his blankies so he can stick them in his mouth. He is my little blankie boy. So cute.

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