Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 134

Day 134, Memorial Day

This morning Daddy beatboxed to Judah, he loved it. Then we drove over to our friends Heidi and Brads. They are really good friends of ours who have been married over 11 years. Heidi was my maid of honor for my wedding and my best friend. We needed a girls date/mama hang out and the guys decided to all hang out together. So while the boys had fun we went to the mall to have lunch and walk around. But sure enough after a few hours we started missing our guys and came back to all hang out.

Today was really hot, so we took Judah out for just a little bit when the sun was going down. Then we hung out inside with some new toys that Heidi and Brad gave us that used to be D's. Judah loves his Ducky Tub!

Day 133

Day 133, DJ Judah J

Been doing allot of spring cleaning in the Judkins house and we came across some of Daddys sound equipment. Judah likes the headphones, maybe another musician in the family? I can't get over how cute and happy he is in his jumper.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 132

Day 132, Today was perfect....well except for the ER visit

Today was perfect, Scott got up early this morning to go have breakfast with one of his previous housemates who spent the night last night Steve. Judah slept in with me and after his oatmeal n peaches breakfast we took a long walk. Got back, hung out with Scott and Steve, which by the way no one can make Judah laugh the way Steve does! Judah had belly laughs! Then afterwards Scott, Judah and myself spent the entire afternoon lounging around Reston Town Center, the weather was beautiful, we hung out on the grass, Judah loved it, he loved walking on it, trying to pick the grass with his fingers, trying to figure out if he can eat it. The flowers were out everywhere, we walked all over, visited about every shop, grabbed starbucks and hung outside on a bench outside of this beautiful flower shop (the mayflower) and watched people walk by, plenty of shade so we were not super hot, Judah was able to suck on his foot, when I tried to take it away from his mouth he wasn't to happy, so I let him suck on it, hopefully this habit will go away before he is a teenager. Then we headed home, Judah vomited pretty bad and when we gave him a bath we saw a rash that looked weird, called the ask a nurse and they wanted us in the ER immediately, being new parents we rushed Judah in. By the time we got there Judah was his happy self, peed on the Dr, and the rash was gone. So we headed home. The Dr was really nice about it. Good thing because I felt really dumb going in for what turned out to be nothing. But its better to be safe than sorry, and Judah is just training us for our next baby.

Day 131

Day 131, Cuteness

My son, although he is teething, is full of cuteness, and drool. He loved playing with his first firetruck today, loves his bouncy swing thing more and more (even have a video of him in it) and today when Scott came home from work I typically run outside with Judah when I see him pull up and I say "Wheres dadddy!! Wheres Daddy Judah, theres daddy!" and Judah looks all around. Well today he actually looked at Scott when he walked over to get the mail and started crying because he wanted Scott to come and get him. It was really really cute.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 130

Day 130, Jumping up and down

Today Judah looked like Humpty Dumpty while I put him on the couch, he was funny with his tongue sticking out (his new thing). He also started sucking his thumb (incredibly cute). He took tons of naps, drooled allot, and enjoyed being outside smiling at all our neighbors walking by. Tonight Daddy also put Judah in the jumper thing. Right now he just stands on one foot and twirls, he is testing out the jumps. Oh and Judah when he tries to sleep next to me, he likes to get all close....I can only imagine when he gets older he is going to try to push me out of bed.

Day 129

Day 129, Package from Auntie Rhonda

Today we received a package from Auntie Rhonda, Judah is all set with some super cute summer cloths. Still teething, but he only had one melt down that didn't last to long. He likes this cloth book that Laura Slingerland gave to him last week. It helps his teeth. Judah was super cute in Chick Fil A, these girls sitting in the booth next to us kept trying to talk to him and he would stand up and smile.