Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 95

Day 95, Sea Horse

Friday I took Judah out to Target and to Kohls, I wanted to get him his Easter Basket stuff and I wanted to see if I could find any cute inexpensive Easter outfits. I didn't find any cute outfits but I did however find Judahs newest and most favorite toy! Its the Sea Horse, I used to have a glo worm when I was a kid and it looks very similar. The toys were 50% off and Judah smiled when I held it up. He now likes to push the toy to his face, chew on it and talk to him. Some of my friends said they let their baby sleep with the toy, I am not sure if I am comfortable with doing that just yet. Daddy came home Friday night with the movie Tangled and Judah stayed up for about 15 mins and watched it with us.

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  1. i LOVE how he smiles so much!!! and that toy is totally trippy :)


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