Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 94

Day 94, My not so sleeping babe

Today I have been peed on, like almost soaked, almost pooped on and puked on. My baby didn't want to take any of his naps, instead he wanted to be held. He was however cute! I did have him in another shirt but he peed on it and we were twins for the rest of the day (strip shirts). He took mini naps only if I held him, Judah LOVES blankies, when I am holding him and I give him one he will pull it to his face and play with it. When Daddy came home we took a long walk outside. Judah can now fit into his 6 month jammies, I got these cute monkey ones for only a dollar at a thrift store. Thank goodness for great deals at thrift stores and new washer and dryers to wash them in. Judah did love his oatmeal tonight for dinner, he kept opening his mouth and almost attacking the spoon. It was pretty cute.

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