Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 90

Day 90, Jumping up and down Hosanna!

This morning Judah wasn't feeling to well. Last time he had his shots (3 months) he wasn't feeling to well on the 2nd or 3rd day. So I let him sleep next to me in my bed this morning. He was so adorable, he would move his head side to side and then sleep for a bit, then move his head again. He did this while he was in my womb, move his head side to side. He wasn't hungry yet, he just wanted to move his head. Today is Palm Sunday, its one of my favorite Sundays of the year at McLean Bible Church, all the kids go into the main sanctuary during the worship service and they all have palm branches and sing "Jumping up and down hosanna!" My friend Katherine Danielle was in town visiting and gave Judah a palm branch before the service, so we were able to jump up and down while the kids were jumping. Judah was also able to meet Lauren Tess who he absolutely loved. After service we went to Cosi Coffee in Reston, since Scott had a low blood sugar and we hung out and talked to people at church, he had no spasms (this is unheard of) so we wanted to test it out with pizza. Pizza always gives him spasms because of the yeast and fat content. Cosi has some pretty decent pizza (not super fatty like Unos) so Scott had his entire mini pizza, its now 10 hours later and he has not had any spasms. Judah slept at Cosi and around our walk in the town center. He was really tired on the way home from a car we tried to look at afterwards.

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  1. oh the beauty of a sleeping child :) So excited Scott was able to eat pizza and SOOOOO good to see y'all yesterday :)


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