Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 89

Day 89, Birthday Party!!!

Today Judah went to his first birthday party! My best friends son just turned 1! I had Judah and my husband wear a similar outfit, I think they look cute! The party was allot of fun, Judah loved just sitting down and watching all the people and the kids. He really is an extrovert, I can see him really interacting with kids more as he is getting more and more aware of them. After the party before we had our huge downpour of rain we checked out the barns. The party was at Frying Pan Park and today was the day all the baby animals were out. Judah was in my sling, I think his favorite were the little piggy's.

Afterwards we spent a nice relaxing evening at home, Judah is a bit feverish, and we have been having some nasty weather outside. We had the candles prepared in case we lost electricity. But its still on!

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  1. I saw the picture of you and Heidi and I started waving. Imadork


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