Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 88

Day 88, 4 month shots

This morning Judah had his 4 month appt. We found out that he is 90% in his height and 5% in his weight. So it looks like he is going to be tall and skinny just like his daddy. Judah had to get some more shots today, he was such a trooper, I think the nurse and I cried more that Judah. He just cried while getting the shot but after getting some snuggles from his mom and dad afterwards, he was fine. The first picture is while we were in the waiting room, 2nd picture is Judah getting weight he is 14 pds., 3rd picture is Judah passed out on me after we came home drs orders were to just have him snuggle all day and give him some extra TLC, I dont need an excuse to do that :-)
the last two pictures are Judah with his socks that his aunt Jenny sent to us yesterday, they came in perfect timing

Judah is still doing great, he is a little warm, no real fever, talking more than ever, did take some extra naps today. I have one on video from this afternoon, I let Judah sleep next to me on my bed while I read.

Tomorrow Judah is going to attend his first birthday party!!!

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