Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 87

Day 87, Yogurt!

Today Judah and I ran a 5K, he wanted to be worn around (carried in my wrap), he thinks my hand is his new teething toy, fell asleep on me during one of his naps, was asleep at the new soft serve yogurt place by George Mason (which we LOVE) but was awake enough to take a picture in front of the yogurt place and had fun playing with Daddys face before bed.

Tomorrow is the 4 month check up and shots!


  1. I love his name and what a cutie he is. My nephew you comes to visit me tomorrow and I am so excited after seeing this cute little boy.

  2. Very sure, and great job on the project!

  3. buubie Judah-boo. Gives me the happy to my day :)


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