Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 83

Day 83, I wanna be a cowboy baby

Very image heavy, I fell in love with this outfit I've been able to piece together from different thrift stores. These cute railroad conductor gap pants that I saw at the gap a few months ago but I didn't want to purchase at cost and found then for $2 last month! Also his cowboy vest. Scott wore his stripped shirt so he matched Judah.

Today we traveled to Maryland looking at a car, Judah loved being outside while Scott test drove the car. He kept wanting to bounce up and down and loved drooling everywhere. Then when we came home we tried rice cereal again. The box said it takes about ten try's before the baby actually realizes he is supposed to swallow. Judah had more fun watching us try to show him how to eat by us eating our own oatmeal. It was a family event.

Judah did roll over today! For my sister Rhonda who is reading this, he rolled over right after I left you that voice mail message of him talking to you on it. He has been rocking back and forth for awhile but today finally made it over and propped himself on his arms and took a look around. Also tonight when we put him to bed we think we heard him laugh, he now plays in his crib and talks to himself before he goes to sleep. He seems to be extra excited about his crib now that we have lowered it.

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