Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 82

Day 82, Starbucks

Today I had starbucks for the first time since Judah has been born, needless to say I didn't nurse him during certain hours afterwards. But I did let Judah wear my starbucks sleeve as a crown. The second picture is Judah playing in the saucer a friend gave me. We put him in it a few days ago and he didn't seem to care for the toys, then all of a sudden on Saturday Judah ignored us and was all into his toys. Third and Fourth picture is just Judah being cute. The last picture is Judah taking his hand and placing it on the other side of his breathable bumper and trying to suck on it. We have to lower his crib.

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  1. mama why you put a starbux hat on me? why? :) I know I is cute, but we have to talk about de starbux hat, k mama?


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