Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 81

Day 81, {{The Force}}

The force today has not helped Judah the Jedi with his runny nose. But I was able to get these neat booger wipes (yes I get excited over booger wipes now that I'm a mom). They feel good on his nose and they smell good to! Today we spent the day indoors because it was raining. Although when Scott came home he allowed me to go out for a run. This morning Judah woke up earlier than normal but was super cranky. So I took him over to my bed, he was laying on his back and looking over at me, then he rolled over and hugged my arm and still was looking at me. Melted my heart. I pushed him back on his back to see if he would do it again and he did it again. After awhile he just drifted back to sleep. I have the sweetest little boy, I love him so much. Judah still fits in his starwars onsie! The last picture is of him pulling his daddy's hoodie strings. We know who pulls the strings in our house :-)

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