Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 79

Day 79, Almost

These pictures are in backwards order. Judah almost rolled over today! He now can get his body sideways and he grunts and rocks his body to try to completely roll over. Its funny watching him. Then he will lay on his back and talk to his toys, then try the roll over process again. He has gotten much more talkative today.

Today Judah and I went and met Heidi and her son at Fairfax corners, walked around, toured the stores that have room for baby strollers, successfully had lunch at California Pizza (yummy salads). Judah almost lost his socks, the last picture is him crashed in the stroller with his socks almost falling off. Judah and D LOVE trying to talk to each other. They will go back and forth like they are communicating. I can't wait till Judah is a little bit older. Third picture up is Judah trying to roll over when we got home, then we went out for a run, took his Alien Doll from the Toy Story along with us. The first picture is Judah finally passed out. He skipped a nap today and really had a hard time falling asleep. His nose is so runny, not sure if its a cold or allergies, but it does tend to get worse after being outside. Thankfully his 4 month appt is right around the corner and I can ask the Dr what else I can do for his little runny nose.


  1. Hehehe, Isn't it funny how determined their little socks are at falling off?!? Great photo, so cute!

  2. Thank you! :-)
    I almost lost his socks yesterday, he likes to kick around when I carry him in the Ergo :-)


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