Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 76

Day 76, Rice Cereal!

Today was the day Judah tried Rice Cereal, it was super watered down, we first put it in his bottle, he sucked that down fast!! Then I fed him some with the spoon. He got more on himself then in his mouth. But afterawhile he was really starting to eat it. Then we took Judah on a walk in my running double stroller I got off of Craigslist. Cant wait to take him on a run tomorrow in it!


  1. Love these photos. So adorable. It makes me want my own little Judah.

    Dave (my husband) and I have already chosen names for our future children and Judah has always been my favorite and heavily on my heart. My mom's name is Judith and my father's name was Robert. My husband's middle name is Robert as well, so if we have a boy we're naming him Judah Robert.

    It's not that often you hear that name, but I'm it looks like we'll be in good company!

  2. Thank you!

    We love the name Judah. Before I was pregnant I was working at a local church for 5 years and my friend told me that her sister and brother in law named their son Judah (this was like 4 years ago) and I fell in love with the name because I am the first believer/Christian in my family in several generations. So the name Judah is meaning from the tribe of Judah (Jesus came from) also when Leah finally had him (her last son) after saying with all her previous children "maybe this time my husband will love me" when she had Judah she said "This Time I will praise the Lord". My Judah is one of my greatest blessings and I praise the Lord that he allowed me to meet my husband who is also one of my greatest blessing and also that we were able to have a child together.

    Its a great name! :-)

  3. That's such a beautiful story! I think it's amazing that you made the connection between the tribe of Judah and you being the first in your family it become a believer. That is so inspiring!!

    There are so many times that I read the Word and see Judah and my heart just flutters.



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