Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 75

Day 75, Mini Laugh

Judah gave us his first mini laugh today! I've worked so hard to get this boy to laugh, from singing him songs, to zurberts, blowing in his face (he likes this) to talking like I am a hillbilly, all these things make him smile but not laugh. So today Scott and I were just hanging out and I started to sing "Babies just wanna have fuuuuun" to Cyndi Lauper and sure enough he laughed!Scott and I both looked at each other, then Scott ran over to get him to do it again and I cried. I cried because Judah laughed and it was beautiful and I can't wait to hear it again.

He is still not feeling well, lots and lots and lots of snot, took extra naps today and wanted extra snuggles. Hopefully he feels better soon. We took him on a walk around the block, he loves his sling. Then he played with his Sophie. He was trying to stick all her feet into his mouth but couldn't manage to do that....yet....and he enjoyed his monkey towel from Auntie Jenny Bean.

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  1. I love that he laughed! I can't decide if I like Sophie or monkey better :)


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