Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 74

Day 74, Four Months!!!!

Today Judah is four months old! I can't believe it. Last night when my two guys went to sleep, took awhile for Judah since he is battling this cold. But I was looking through pictures over the past 4 months. It amazes me that I can't picture my life with out my son. I am incredibly blessed to spend each day with him.

Today Judah has learned how to communicate by coughing :-) You know how little babies like to look at you then cough and smile. Well Judah did that today. I'm sure at first it was a real cough because he is not feeling well. But then I would cough back and he had the biggest gin on his face and would cough back at me. We kept doing this back and forth for a good half an hour, by the end of it I was laughing so hard my belly hurt.

He almost almost can roll over. Scott and I watch Judah play on the playmate and our friend Heidi gave me this flower musical toy. Judah LOVES it. You touch the flower (they all have these painted smiley faces) and it has this tune. Judah likes to grab it and try to put the flowers in his mouth. As soon as he hears the tune he starts to smile. But sometimes he lets go of the flowers and they bounce a little out of reach for him so he rocks his body back and forth (trying to roll over to get them).

He loves it when you blow on his face, and when you blow on his belly, he also loves to talk when he is on the changing table. He is still sleeping from 9ish till 530 will sleep eat a feeding then sleep till about 9 am. He doesn't like to nap at all during the day, its a battle to get him to go down. I know he is tired because he rubs his eyes and gets cranky. Even at his toy flowers. So I put him down and its an on and off battle to get him to stop crying to sleep. But he typically has about two maybe three naps during the day. They are all very short. Besides hating nap time Judah is always smiling and pretty much content. He loves being around other people and he loves being outside (when its actually nice out). His four month appt/shots are next week, I can't wait to see how much he has grown. I know he was underweight for his 3 months but I am sure he has caught up on his weight and then some, that boy is heavy!

Today is his NaNa Dyans birthday (on April Fools Day) Happy Birthday NaNa!!!!

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