Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 102

Day 102, Happy Birthday Alero

Today allot happened, Prince William and Kate got married (caught 5 mins of it this morning while I had my coffee). It was my friend Alero's birthday. Since she is in Switzerland I had Judah pose for a cute picture to put on her facebook. Judah ate ALL of his oatmeal today. He looks like he is sad in this picture, but don't let him fool you, he was happily chomping down on the good oatmeal seconds before that picture was taken. George Mason had their George Mason day, not sure what that is, all I know is that they have the loudest music playing from 2-10 pm. Thankfully Judah had a nap right before it started. He wanted to name on his play mat near his Seahorse. Judah rolled all the way over and back/caught on camera.

Then Judah had some serious playtime in his saucer, he takes on playtime like its serious business. Then finally after all the loud George Mason music stopped....Judah passed out. Not before daddy gave him some laughs which I caught the tail end of on camera.

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