Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 103

Day 103, Family Day

I loved today because it was Saturday and Judaha and I were able to spend most of the day with Scott, he did have to go into work for a few hours. We went to Fairoaks Mall for some starbucks and a visit to the apple store. We saw this sign in front of forever 21 so we tried to take a picture with Judah and I in front of it (Judah just woke up form a nap). I had starbucks and waited for Scott outside the apple store with Judah. Then we came home hung out and when Scott came back from work both him and Judah came with me to the local highschool so I can run the track. Judah was hungry so my nerdy engineer husband created this thing to hold the bottle for Judah. At the track my husband and son cheered me on while I was running. When we got home we decided to make Judahs first car out of a box we had in the kitchen. He seemed to enjoy riding around with daddy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 102

Day 102, Happy Birthday Alero

Today allot happened, Prince William and Kate got married (caught 5 mins of it this morning while I had my coffee). It was my friend Alero's birthday. Since she is in Switzerland I had Judah pose for a cute picture to put on her facebook. Judah ate ALL of his oatmeal today. He looks like he is sad in this picture, but don't let him fool you, he was happily chomping down on the good oatmeal seconds before that picture was taken. George Mason had their George Mason day, not sure what that is, all I know is that they have the loudest music playing from 2-10 pm. Thankfully Judah had a nap right before it started. He wanted to name on his play mat near his Seahorse. Judah rolled all the way over and back/caught on camera.

Then Judah had some serious playtime in his saucer, he takes on playtime like its serious business. Then finally after all the loud George Mason music stopped....Judah passed out. Not before daddy gave him some laughs which I caught the tail end of on camera.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 101

Day 101, Babywearing

Judah just wanted to be worn today, I put him in the Ergo and with in mins he was snoring away as I was doing housework. Then he woke up from his nap and just wanted to be held, ended up putting him the ergo again. We went for a 2.5 mile run, then daddy gave Judah his first bath (I've been doing the baths) and Judah had fun sitting in his bumbo playing with his toys. As many as he can fit into his tiny hands.

Day 100

100 Days!

I had this cute post/outfit all planned out for 100 days but being a busy mommy I was to distracted. On Judahs 100th day he sat in his bumbo next to his Toystory doll that his Nana gave him for a bit. We normally have to prop his head up but lately Judah has been trying to sit up while I feed/nurse him. Kinda funny. His shirt matched his cloth diapers, he dressed as a pirate and since we had some crazy weather last night and some tornado warnings, we woke up Judah to bring him to the guest room downstairs, even had his own pack and play set up. Judah was cute, at first he didn't want to get up, but then he saw it was a slumber party and started laughing and kicking and talking. Then he passed out again on mommy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 99

Day 99, Morning Routine

A few days ago I started a new morning routine for Judah. After Scott feeds him before he takes off to work I take Judah and let him sleep in my bed. He is so cute, he cuddles up with his sea horse and is out for hours! For some reason he sleeps better on my bed. Then today for a nap he wanted to sleep on my bed. I ended up putting him on his play mat and he was sleeping for a good hour and a half.

Today Judah enjoyed hanging out on a blanket on the front lawn while I worked on the flowers. He loved talking to people as they came up to the house. I guess Judah is really in the 90% for height, one of my next door neighbores had a girl a week before Judah and he is allot taller than she is.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 98

Day 98, Potomac Mills,

Today Judah just wanted to cuddle, which was fine by me. It was also hot and muggy out so I had him originally in a onsie and shorts but he just ended up being in a onsie. Later today we went to the Potmac Mills area to look at more cars. Then stopped in the mall for dinner, had a photo shoot in Old Navy, was kinda afraid the employees would tell me that Judah was not allowed to be on their model dog, but they didn't say anything. Then we went to Ikea.

Day 97

Day 97, Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is my favorite day of the entire year. I actually wait up till past Midnight the night before. Its more exciting to me than my birthday or Christmas. Its the day that Jesus Christ who died for my sins three days before was raised from the dead. Its a confirmation that I serve a living Savior.

We decided to do church online at home since I knew it was going to be packed at McLean. I wanted to make sure we were not going to take the parking spot of someone who doesn't know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Bought Judah his first Easter Basket. Not all the candy could fit inside so Mommy and Daddy ate some for him. Then we dressed him up and took him to look at a few more cars (this will be our life till we find a good one). Then decided to meet up Sarah Jane at starbucks in Tysons. I haven't seen her in forever! Also she hasn't met Judah yet. He immediately took a liking to her. He started cooing at her when she was holding him. I think he was trying to discuss pranks he is planning on pulling on me when he is older and needs her help. Then we took Judah to Wegmans, he was passed out the entire time. He looks so big in his car seat now and still falls asleep like he is a frog. Then we tried oatmeal again, this time he managed to spit upward into his face. Folks spitting up like that takes talent and I am proud of my boy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 96

Day 96, Looking for a car

This morning started with me bringing Judah to our bed after his morning feeding, afterwards he slept next to us for a few more hours. It was really cute. Then we spent 7 hours looking for a car, we are exhausted. Judah was a trooper though. He did pretty well hanging out with us. We did take a lunch break at the Dulles Town Center, I dressed Judah up in hopes to get his first picture with the Easter Bunny, but this one car place wanted us back with in an hour and the line was to long. Maybe next year.

Day 95

Day 95, Sea Horse

Friday I took Judah out to Target and to Kohls, I wanted to get him his Easter Basket stuff and I wanted to see if I could find any cute inexpensive Easter outfits. I didn't find any cute outfits but I did however find Judahs newest and most favorite toy! Its the Sea Horse, I used to have a glo worm when I was a kid and it looks very similar. The toys were 50% off and Judah smiled when I held it up. He now likes to push the toy to his face, chew on it and talk to him. Some of my friends said they let their baby sleep with the toy, I am not sure if I am comfortable with doing that just yet. Daddy came home Friday night with the movie Tangled and Judah stayed up for about 15 mins and watched it with us.