Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 72

Day 72, Human Pillow

Today I felt like a human pillow. Judah didn't want to be put down, he didn't even like his swing (which he normally loves) but he was fist beating the air so I picked him up. Placed him in his sling and he fell asleep while I walked around. When I tried to take him out he just wanted to lay on me. The sling is great, he is going in the Ergo tomorrow though, its much better on my back. He has started to put his entire fist into his mouth to suck on it, prefers that instead of his binky. He is not hungry, just likes to chew on his entire fist. The first picture is right before his evening bath I love his little booty, the 2nd I just love that shirt and he looks so cute, 3rd he is giving the camera the eye "Dont put me to bed" and the 4th Judah is passed out in the sling.

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