Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 37

Day 37, my lil spaceman

I dont think this space onsie outfit for Judah will fit him much longer. I'll have to store it in my growing pile of outfits that don't fit him anymore and save them for our next child. This space onsie is good for either a boy or a girl :-)

Judah loves talking to his Alien Toy Story friend that his Nana Dyan sent to him. The top picture is of Judah taking a big breath and then letting out a really loud AHHH while he kicks his feet in the air really hard. He just started doing this yesterday, its kinda funny because he startles himself when he does it at first then realizes that he can make loud AHH noises and just does it for awhile with is feet kicking around wildly, its truly the funniest thing. He is growing so fast!

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