Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 36

Day 36, All you need is {LOVE}
Today is I believe our last snow for this winter! Which means spring is right around the corner! YAY. So I couldn't put Judah in a short sleeve shirt just yet. I found this vintage Beatles short sleeve shirt while thrifting and layered it with a longer sleeve shirt. The yellow FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper looked really good with the outfit so I left his pants off. I was able to use this LOVE journal Ginnie and Tim Pewett gave to us last year after Scott and I got married.
I wanted to take the picture on the blue armchair we have because you can compare to other pictures and see how long Judah is getting! I love his little feet. I'm sure one day when he is a teenage boy I will wonder how did those once little adorable feet become so stinky.

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