Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 24

Day 24, Judahs 2 Month Shots

The first shot is of Scott taking Judah out of the truck and he is humming the "Starwars - The Imperial March" song...not a good song to sing around a mommy who is taking her son to have his first shots...just sayin. Judah was great during the visit. He absolutely loves the nurse and his Dr. He was actually following the Dr around with his eyes and would smile and coo at her when she would look at him. I think Judah had a little crush.

Judah kinda lost it for a bit because the last nurse was taking forever to bring in the shots and this was eating into Judahs morning nap time. We finally calmed him with some Shh'ing, and then the shots came. I had to sit down because I felt weak in the knees and I was trying not to cry. I thought it was silly when parents would say it felt like they were getting the shot. I now know how they feel. My heart just broke. Scott admitted afterwards that he caught his breath after the first shot and seeing Judahs eyes just bug out and look at him pathetically.

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